We offer products with a high added value, in accordance with our resources, both technical as well as human, which are capable of making our business profitable, making us competitive and preparing us for new challenges.

Inside  of Precision-Turning  and  Machining,  we  supply  different  special  parts, with the highest quality guaranteed




We offer great versatility in our production processes, as we have the capacity to adapt our production equipment to each unique case.

Our flexibility allows us to quickly answer every urgent and specific need of our customers.

At GREGORIO FERNÁNDEZ, S.L., we study every aspect of problem and research every possible alternative until finding a tangible solution.

The broad experience and professionalism of our staff allows us to respond to the requirements of our customers with supportiveness and attentiveness.






Gregorio Fernandez, S.L.
Polígono Industrial Sigma - Xixilon Kalea, 3 - Pabellón 4
20870 Elgoibar (Guipúzcoa) - Spain
Tel. 34+ 943 748 999 - Fax 34+ 943 748 998